Special Thanks

We wish to give special thanks to the people that have personally helped make Parrots International a reality.

These generous people have volunteered, donated, dedicated their valuable time, and worked selflessly to help Parrots International realize its mission statement. Their involvement in Parrots International has been instrumental in making a positive contribution to research and conservation of parrots in the wild and improving the lives of companion parrots.

Gloria Allen
The Amazona Society
The Amazona Society UK
American Eagle
Alta Anzalone
Dr. Bailey, DVM
Dr. Yara Barros, Ph.D.
Shari & Terry Beaudion
Bird Cages By Carmen
Bird Talk Magazine
Sally Blanchard
John Harold Bethell
Dorothy Blanchette
Diane Martin Bock
Carlos Bonillo Ruiz
Janice Boyd
Dr. Donald Brightsmith
Norah & Bruce Broillet
Joacilei Lemos Cardoso
Olivier Chassot
Sona Chambers
Dr. Nigel Collar, Ph.D.
Companion Parrot Quarterly
Kashmir Csaky
Carmen Daily
Chuck Datz
Yves De Soye
Mike Duong
Pedro Fabregas
Sarah Faegre
Susan Feniger
Doral Financial
Dr. Susan Friedman, Ph.D.
Jennifer Gerding
Dr. Jamie Gilardi, Ph.D.
Steve & Sara Goldberg
Rose Gordon
Neiva Guedes
Carolyn & Omar Gonzalez
Browne Greene
Mark Hagen

Bennett Hennessey

Angela Hershel

Hogle Zoo
Dianna Holloway
Susan Hurley
Island Conservation Dept. UCSC
Rolland Jonker & Grace Innemee
Rick Jordon
Ruth Kain
Nicholas Kalodimos
Melissa Kauffman
Mike Keenes (Jungle Toys)
Brad Keitt
Bonnie Kenk, PEAC
Jerry Kidd & Susan Stott
Anita Knowles
David Knowles
Sandi Kramer
Dr. Frank Lavac, D.V.M.
Francine Lavac
Armando Leon
Carmen Leon

Phylis Levine
Salomon Levis
Dr. Lorrie Lindner, Ph.D.
Gilly Lloyd
Sel & Aleta Long
Dr. Travis Longcore, Ph.D.
Laura Lopez
Loro Parque Foundation

Rosemary Low
Karen Maab
Christiana MacNight
Susan Mc Grath
Katy McElroy
Dr. Don Merton, Ph.D.

Ted Miller
Lorrie Mitchell
Gina Mori
Edwin Muniz
Dr. Charles Munn, Ph.D.
Julie Murad, The Gabriel Foundation
National Parrot & Rescue Preservation Foundation
Dr. Mary Nichols, Ph.D.

Northern Illinois Parrot Society
Fernando Nunez
Mary Ogg
Omar's Exotic Birds
Alex Paen (Animal Rescue TV)
Doug and Joan Prestine
Paradisus Resorts
Parrots Magazine
Tony Pittman

Louise Prouse
Guillermo Ramis (Paradigm Associates)
Bill Rauch., Bow Tie Inc.
Gamini and Lisa Ratnavirna
Debbie Reed
Jaap Reijmerink
Catherine Rich
Yessica Rodriguez
Dr. Paul Ross, D.D.S.
Cheryn Roff
Dr. Leslie Ross, Ph.D.
Kerry Ross
Dr. Paul Salaman, Ph.D.
Lisa Song Mayekawa

Tony Sanchez
Dr. Pedro Neto Scherer, Ph.D.
Emanuel Schreibmaier
Dorothy Schwartz
Dr. Tom Smith, Ph.D.
Wayne Smyth
Terry Spilman
Caroline Stahala
Mark and Marie Stafford
Natalie Stafford
Diane Starnes

Dianna Stokotelny
Morgan Strachan
Paul Stavely
Fran Gonzales Sturms
Dr. Darrel Styles, D.V.M.
Jim and Jan Tharp
Rebecca Taylor
UCLA Center for Tropical Research
UCLA Institute of the Environment
Ventura County Bird Club
Jafet Velez
Dr. David Waugh, Ph.D.
Karen Webster
West Valley Bird Club
Dr. Thomas White, Ph.D.
Fran Whitney
Rod Wingfield
Bill & Linda Witcoff
William Witcoff
Bill Wood
Desiree Wyant, Beyond Batik
Bonnie Zimmerman
Nathalie Lemieux and Dean Chan
Suzan Payne
Josee Bermingham
Connie and Vytas Jasinskas
Voglepark Walsrode
Maritn Guth
Cristina Miyaki, Ph.D.
Monalyssa Camandaroba 
Ryan Watson
Susan Koenig
Alan Lieberman
Sam Williams
Bernadette  L. Plair
Dr. Steve Beissinger , Ph.D.
Jordan Karubian, Ph.D.
Leo Douglas


If we have inadvertently left anyone out, please let us know.




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